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Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis or BIA calculates the exact calories

you need to maintain and/or  lose weight. It is a method of assessing

your “body composition”, or the measurement of body fat in relation to

lean body mass, as well as fluid balance (intracellular and extracellular water)

and cellular performance. It is an integral part of a health and nutrition assessment.


Why is body composition important to my health?


Research has shown that body composition is directly related to health. A normal balance of body fat is associated with good health and longevity.  Excess fat in relation to lean body mass, known as altered body composition, can greatly increase your risk to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and more. BIA offers early detection of an improper balance in your body composition, which allows for earlier intervention and prevention.


BIA also measures your progress as you improve your health.  Improving your BIA measurement, or maintaing a healthy BIA measurement, can help keep your body functioning properly for healthy aging. Results can help guide us in creating a personalized dietary plan, including nutritional

supplements when appropriate, and an exercise plan to help you maintain optimal health and 



How Does a BIA Work?


BIA is much more sophisticated than a scale, but just as simple-and almost as quick.  BIA is performed in our office with the help of a computerized analysis. This analysis “calculates” and estimates your tissue and fluid compartments - using an imperceptible electric current passed through pads placed on your feet and wrist as you lie comfortably clothed on an exam table. Due to its water and electrolyte content, lean body mass is able to conduct an electrical current (2). The current determines impedance by measuring reactance, or the ability of a cell to store charge based on its integrity and composition, as well as resistance, or the opposition to the electric charge based on tissue hydration and electrolyte content. In general, higher reactance and lower resistance are associated with better health (1).

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